Sustainability, Vol. 14, Pages 141: Evaluating the Impacts of Courtyards on Educational Buildings, Case Study in the University of Sharjah

Sustainability doi: 10.3390/su14010141


Courtyards are traditionally associated with the Middle East countries, where climate and culture have given shape to a particular type of traditional architecture. The study evaluates the environmental and social impacts of courtyards in an educational building integrated with occupant’s interaction behavior. The case study of the University of Sharjah includes eight different courtyards unoccupied for many years, in different locations around the building with various proportions; the objectives were to examine and evaluate the impact of redesigning the interior spaces of the courtyards in terms of environmental and social aspects. The inductive and experimental approach were adopted in this research, where two surveys were conducted for the occupants, before and after the design applications. In addition to the use of eco-tech software for simulation. In conclusion, the results of surveys and interviews clarified the problem and offered some recommendations and simulation analysis provided recommendations and guidelines for designers.

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By Ibrahim