Crystals, Vol. 12, Pages 25: Graphene Synthesis: Method, Exfoliation Mechanism and Large-Scale Production

Crystals doi: 10.3390/cryst12010025

Naixu Liu
Qingguo Tang
Bin Huang
Yaping Wang

Graphene is a unique attractive material owing to its characteristic structure and excellent properties. To improve the preparation efficiency of graphene, reduce defects and costs, and meet the growing market demand, it is crucial to explore the improved and innovative production methods and process for graphene. This review summarizes recent advanced graphene synthesis methods including “bottom-up” and “top-down” processes, and their influence on the structure, cost, and preparation efficiency of graphene, as well as its peeling mechanism. The viability and practicality of preparing graphene using polymers peeling flake graphite or graphite filling polymer was discussed. Based on the comparative study, it is potential to mass produce graphene with large size and high quality using the viscoelasticity of polymers and their affinity to the graphite surface.

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