Metals, Vol. 12, Pages 34: Thermodynamics and Kinetics Research of the Fluorination Process of the Concentrate Rutile

Metals doi: 10.3390/met12010034

Vladimir A. Karelin
Son Hai Le
Nadezhda V. Karelina
Alexander N. Strashko
Alexander V. Sazonov
Huong M. T. Le

The growth in the production of titanium metal and its compounds leads to an increase in the amount of toxic waste. As a result, at the legislative level, emissions of such wastes are limited, which leads to a drop in the production of titanium-containing products and a shortage of titanium in the international market. This paper presents the results of the process of fluorination of rutile concentrate from the Tarsky deposit (Russia, Omsk region) with elemental fluorine using a laboratory setup of a special design. For fluorination, samples of rutile concentrate weighing 0.1–1.0 g were used. The particle size distribution of particles varied from 2 × 10−6 to 2 × 10−5 m. To determine the possibility of carrying out the process, the calculation of the change in the logarithm of the equilibrium constant versus temperature was performed. The influence of the following operating parameters on the fluorination process has been studied: various concentrations of F2 in a fluorinating mixture of fluorine with nitrogen; process time from 0 to 9 min; different ratios of the initial solid phase to fluorine (10 and 50% excess of fluorine and 10 and 50% of its deficiency); fluorination temperature in the range of 300–1800 K. A kinetic equation is selected that most accurately describes the fluorination process. The values of the activation energy and the preexponential factor in the kinetic equation are determined. The obtained results show that with an increase in the fluorine content in the fluorinating gas mixture and the temperature of the process, the fluorination rate increases. Optimal conditions for fluorination: temperature—680 K; time—5 min excess fluorine in the fluorinating mixture—20–25%. The obtained results allow to propose and consider the conditions of process execution on industrial equipment.

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