Minerals, Vol. 12, Pages 27: Performance of TiB2 Wettable Cathode Coating

Minerals doi: 10.3390/min12010027

Bo Yang
Ruzhen Peng
Dan Zhao
Ni Yang
Yanqing Hou
Gang Xie

A TiB2 wettable cathode coating was deposited on a graphite carbon cathode material via atmospheric plasma spraying (APS). The microstructure and phase composition of the TiB2 coating were analyzed via scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). The wettability and corrosion resistance of the coating were studied in a molten-aluminum electrolytic system. The results showed that the surface of the TiB2 coating prepared via plasma spraying was flat and that the main phase of the coating was TiB2. The wettability between the TiB2 coating and liquid aluminum was better than that between graphite cathode carbon block and liquid aluminum. The abilities of the TiB2 coating and graphite cathode carbon block to resist sodium (Na) penetration and prevent molten salt corrosion were compared through a corrosion test. The TiB2 coating was found to have better resistance to Na penetration and better refractory cryolite corrosion resistance than graphite cathode carbon block.

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By Bo Yang