Polymers, Vol. 14, Pages 56: Mechanism of Thermochromic and Self-Repairing of Waterborne Wood Coatings by Synergistic Action of Waterborne Acrylic Microcapsules and Fluorane Microcapsules

Polymers doi: 10.3390/polym14010056

Xiaoxing Yan
Wenting Zhao
Lin Wang

The fluorane thermochromic microcapsules and waterborne acrylic resin microcapsules were added into waterborne coatings at the same time to prepare intelligent waterborne coating film with dual functions of color change and self-repairing. The coating film prepared by adding 15.0% fluorane microcapsules and 5.0% waterborne acrylic resin microcapsules to the primer at the same time had better comprehensive properties. At this time, the coating film changed from yellow to colorless. The repair rate of the coating film was 58.4%. When the temperature was lower than 32 °C, waterborne acrylic resin microcapsules can improve the thermochromic performance of the coating film with fluorane microcapsules. Waterborne acrylic resin microcapsules can alleviate the color change of coating film with fluorane microcapsules. The fluorane microcapsules can improve the self-repairing performance of coating film with waterborne acrylic resin microcapsules. The results lay a theoretical and technical foundation for multifunctional coating film.

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