Electronics, Vol. 11, Pages 80: Research on Voltage Stabilizing Control Strategy of Critical Load in Unplanned Island Based on Electric Spring

Electronics doi: 10.3390/electronics11010080

Hongjun Wang
Chunchao Song
Youjun Yue
Hui Zhao

Aiming to solve the problem of voltage fluctuation of critical load caused by lack of control when an unplanned island occurs in a microgrid, a voltage stabilizing control strategy of critical load based on electric spring is proposed in this paper. When unplanned islanding occurs in a microgrid system, the system bus voltage fluctuates dramatically due to instantaneous power imbalance, compromising the power supply safety of important loads on the bus. In this paper, the electric spring control mode is integrated into the voltage stabilizing control strategy of critical loads in an unplanned island for the first time to realize the protection of critical loads. First of all, a model of an optical storage AC/DC hybrid microgrid is built, the overall system architecture is determined, and the microgrid is divided into four working states. Second, the working principle of electric spring is introduced, and a decoupling control strategy based on double closed loop is proposed. Finally, the experimental simulation of the proposed control strategy is experimentally simulated in Matlab/Simulink environment. The simulation findings show that when the bus voltage and current of microgrid change due to an unplanned island, the proposed control strategy based on electric spring may achieve the stability of voltage and current on critical loads.

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