Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 49: Quantum Entanglement of Monochromatic and Non-Monochromatic Photons on a Waveguide Beam Splitter

Entropy doi: 10.3390/e24010049

Dmitry Makarov
Yuliana Tsykareva

It is well known that the waveguide beam splitter can be used as a source for the quantum entanglement of photons. The analysis of such quantum entanglement is a difficult problem even for monochromatic photons, since the system under study is multiparametric. This paper will show that quantum entanglement can be represented in a simple form not only for monochromatic photons but also for non-monochromatic ones. It will be shown that quantum entanglement for non-monochromatic photons can be very different from monochromatic photons, which can be used to create large quantum entanglement.

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