Materials, Vol. 15, Pages 169: Study on the Compression Effect of Clothing on the Physiological Response of the Athlete

Materials doi: 10.3390/ma15010169

Marianna Halász
Jelka Geršak
Péter Bakonyi
Gabriella Oroszlány
András Koleszár
Orsolya Nagyné Szabó

The study aimed to analyze whether the high compression of unique, tight-fitting sportswear influences the clothing physiology comfort of the athlete. Three specific sportswear with different compression were tested on four subjects while they were running on a treadmill with increasing intensity. The compression effect of the sportswear on the body of the test persons, the temperature distribution of the subjects, and the intensity of their perspiration during running were determined. The results indicate that the compression effect exerted by the garments significantly influences the clothing physiology comfort of the athlete; a higher compression load leads to more intense sweating and higher skin temperature.

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