Mathematics, Vol. 10, Pages 83: Multi-UAV Coverage Path Planning Based on Hexagonal Grid Decomposition in Maritime Search and Rescue

Mathematics doi: 10.3390/math10010083

Sung-Won Cho
Jin-Hyoung Park
Hyun-Ji Park
Seongmin Kim

In the event of a maritime accident, surveying the maximum area efficiently in the least amount of time is crucial for rescuing survivors. Increasingly, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being used in search and rescue operations. This study proposes a method to generate a search path that covers all generated nodes in the shortest amount of time with multiple heterogeneous UAVs. The proposed model, which is a mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) model based on a hexagonal grid-based decomposition method, was verified through a simulation analysis based on the performance of an actual UAV. This study presents both the optimization technique’s calculation time as a function of the search area size and the various UAV routes derived as the search area grows. The results of this study can have wide-ranging applications for emergency search and rescue operations.

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