Micromachines, Vol. 13, Pages 35: Single-Wedge Lift-Out for Atom Probe Tomography Al/Ni Multilayers Specimen Preparation Based on Dual-Beam-FIB

Micromachines doi: 10.3390/mi13010035

Yi Qiao
Yalong Zhao
Zheng Zhang
Binbin Liu
Fusheng Li
Huan Tong
Jintong Wu
Zhanqi Zhou
Zongwei Xu
Yue Zhang

Atomic probe tomography (APT) samples with Al/Ni multilayer structure were successfully prepared by using a focused ion beam (FIB), combining with a field emission scanning electron microscope, with a new single-wedge lift-out method and a reduced amorphous damage layer of Ga ions implantation. The optimum vertex angle and preparation parameters of APT sample were discussed. The double interdiffusion relationship of the multilayer films was successfully observed by the local electrode APT, which laid a foundation for further study of the interface composition and crystal structure of the two-phase composites.

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By Yi Qiao