Nanomaterials, Vol. 12, Pages 62: Controlling the Chemistry of Nanoclusters: From Atomic Precision to Controlled Assembly

Nanomaterials doi: 10.3390/nano12010062

Srestha Basu
Anumita Paul
Rodolphe Antoine

Metal nanoclusters have gained prominence in nanomaterials sciences, owing to their atomic precision, structural regularity, and unique chemical composition. Additionally, the ligands stabilizing the clusters provide great opportunities for linking the clusters in higher order dimensions, eventually leading to the formation of a repertoire of nanoarchitectures. This makes the chemistry of atomic clusters worth exploring. In this mini review, we aim to focus on the chemistry of nanoclusters. Firstly, we summarize the important strategies developed so far for the synthesis of atomic clusters. For each synthetic strategy, we highlight the chemistry governing the formation of nanoclusters. Next, we discuss the key techniques in the purification and separation of nanoclusters, as the chemical purity of clusters is deemed important for their further chemical processing. Thereafter which we provide an account of the chemical reactions of nanoclusters. Then, we summarize the chemical routes to the spatial organization of atomic clusters, highlighting the importance of assembly formation from an application point of view. Finally, we raise some fundamentally important questions with regard to the chemistry of atomic clusters, which, if addressed, may broaden the scope of research pertaining to atomic clusters.

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