Nanomaterials, Vol. 12, Pages 63: Structural and Parametric Identification of Knowm Memristors

Nanomaterials doi: 10.3390/nano12010063

Valerii Ostrovskii
Petr Fedoseev
Yulia Bobrova
Denis Butusov

This paper proposes a novel identification method for memristive devices using Knowm memristors as an example. The suggested identification method is presented as a generalized process for a wide range of memristive elements. An experimental setup was created to obtain a set of intrinsic I–V curves for Knowm memristors. Using the acquired measurements data and proposed identification technique, we developed a new mathematical model that considers low-current effects and cycle-to-cycle variability. The process of parametric identification for the proposed model is described. The obtained memristor model represents the switching threshold as a function of the state variables vector, making it possible to account for snapforward or snapback effects, frequency properties, and switching variability. Several tools for the visual presentation of the identification results are considered, and some limitations of the proposed model are discussed.

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