Processes, Vol. 10, Pages 50: Design of a High Efficiency High Step-Up/Step-Down Bidirectional Isolated DC–DC Converter

Processes doi: 10.3390/pr10010050

Yu-En Wu
Pin-Jyun Lin

This paper presents a novel bidirectional DC–DC converter, equipped with a three-winding coupled inductor, that can be applied to high-voltage, bidirectional DC–DC energy conversion and meet battery charging and discharging requirements. The architecture consists of a semi-Z-source converter and a forward–flyback converter featuring a three-winding coupled inductor with an iron core. This proposed topology retains the current continuity characteristics of the low-voltage side, all switches possess the zero-voltage switching feature, and the switches on the low-voltage side in the step-down mode have a synchronous rectification function. A 500-W bidirectional converter is implemented to examine the practicality and feasibility of the proposed topology. The relatively streamlined design of the converter can greatly reduce production costs. In the step-up and step-down modes, the maximum energy conversion efficiencies are 95.74% and 96.13%, respectively.

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