Sustainability, Vol. 14, Pages 268: The Influence of CSR Practices on Lebanese Banking Performance: The Mediating Effects of Customers’ Expectations

Sustainability doi: 10.3390/su14010268

Zeina Hassanein
Mehmet Yeşiltaş

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues in developing markets have acquired a lot of attention. Organisations around the globe apply a diversified set of technologies to approaching customer expectations through banking performance. This study examines the impact of CSR on Lebanese banking performance. Primary data from questionnaires were used. A total of 1000 observations were collected using a 5-point Likert scale method adopted to formulate the items. The questionnaire was tested to assess its trustworthiness regarding data collection. Partial least square structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) was used to test the hypothesis. The overall results demonstrated the significance of CSR in terms of meeting customers’ expectations and maintaining banking performance. All CSR dimensions demonstrated a positive impact on customer expectations and Lebanese banking performance. Moreover, customer expectations proved to be a mediator between CSR and banking performance, although there was partial mediation between CSR and banking performance.

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