Symmetry, Vol. 14, Pages 29: A Wider Impedance Bandwidth Dual Filter Symmetrical MIMO Antenna for High-Speed Wideband Wireless Applications

Symmetry doi: 10.3390/sym14010029

Manish Sharma
Prem Chand Vashist
Ibrahim Alsukayti
Nitin Goyal
Divya Anand
Amir H. Mosavi

This research article reports a compact fractal 4 × 4 UWB extended bandwidth MIMO antenna with physical dimensions of 44 × 44 mm2 for high-speed wireless applications. The reported antenna comprises four fractal radiating elements that are symmetrical and placed orthogonal to each other with a respective rectangular ground printed on the opposite plane. A higher isolation is achieved between the radiating elements by the placement of a fractal patch orthogonally and no separate decoupling structure is required. The antenna offers a −10 dB transmission capacity of 2.84–15.88 GHz. The fractal radiating element, which is embedded by an inverted T-type stub placed within a rectangular slot and an etched rotated C-type slot, provides band-stop filters for WiMAX (Worldwide inter-operability for Microwave Access) and WLAN (wireless local area network)-interfering bands. The key parameters of diversity performance are compared by simulation and measurement (fabricated prototype) of ECC (envelope correlation coefficient), DG (directive gain), TARC (total active reflection coefficient) and CCL (channel capacity loss). The antenna offers an omnidirectional radiation pattern with an average gain of 3.52 dBi.

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