Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, Pages 251: Dynamic Test and Analysis of the Structure of the Stadium Stand in Suzhou Industrial Park

Applied Sciences doi: 10.3390/app12010251

Wenbo Xie
Huiqi Liang
Peizi Wei
Yang Zhou
Zhiqiang Zhang

The test object is the grandstand of the Suzhou Industrial Park Stadium. First, the structure was tested for dynamic characteristics, including natural frequency, mode test, and damping test. Then, the structure was subjected to a human-induced vibration response test. Lastly, the finite-element modeling of the structure was carried out, and the simulated and measured values were compared. The test results of the dynamic characteristics of the structure are consistent with the calculated values, and the finite-element modeling of the structure was accurate and reasonable. The natural frequency of structural modal test areas 1 and 2 met the 3 Hz limit vibration specified by JGJ/T 441-2019, and the second-order resonance frequency was still within the range of pedestrian load frequency, which may still cause comfort problems. Test results show that the presence of people increases the damping effect of the structure.

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