Education Sciences, Vol. 12, Pages 9: A STEAM Practice Approach to Integrate Architecture, Culture and History on a Mathematical Problem-Solving Basis

Education Sciences doi: 10.3390/educsci12010009

Shereen El Bedewy
Zsolt Lavicza
Ben Haas
Diego Lieban

In this paper we propose STEAM practices that would foster mathematics learning through modelling architecture while connecting to culture and history. The architectural modelling process is applied by the teachers as participants of these practices from different countries allowing a broad cultural and historical connection to mathematics education. The modelling is implemented in GeoGebra platform as it is an open-source platform to allow teachers to model on a mathematics basis. The architectural modelling process does not provide participants with steps to follow but rather allows them to explore the architectural models’ components and construct them with various approaches which may foster problem solving techniques. We aim to investigate how different phases of this approach (such as motivation, modeling, and printing process) reflect on opportunities of learning in STEAM education, with a particular lens in mathematical development from open tasks. This paper will show two use cases that took place in Upper Austria and the MENA region.

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