Minerals, Vol. 12, Pages 38: Colour Quality Evaluation of Bluish-Green Serpentinite Based on the CIECAM16 Model

Minerals doi: 10.3390/min12010038

Zitong Zhao
Ying Guo

The CIECAM16 colour appearance model is currently a model with high prediction accuracy. It can solve the problem of predicting the influence of different observation conditions on the colour of gemstones. In this study, a computer vision system (CVS) was used to measure the colour of 59 bluish-green serpentinite samples, and the tristimulus values were input into the CIECAM16 forward model to calculate the colour appearance parameters of serpentinite under different surrounds, illuminances, and light sources. It was found that the darkening of the surround causes the lightness and brightness to increase. Pearson’s r of brightness and colourfulness with illuminance is 0.885 and 0.332, respectively, which predicts the Stevens and Hunt effects. When the light source changes from D65 to A, the calculated hue angle shifts to the complementary area of the A light source, which is contrary to the CVS measurement result. The D65 light source is more suitable for the colour presentation and classification of bluish-green serpentinite.

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